We provide web development and support services ideally suited to the small business and nonprofit organization. Let us help you develop your web presence. We offer the following services.

Consulting Services

  • Work with you to define the requirements for your website and develop a work plan.
  • Help you define a solution that provides the right balance between cost effectiveness and ease of maintenance.
  • Provide the training and documentation that you need should you choose to update or support your website on your own.
  • Address any questions concerning your website that you may have.

Web Development and Support Services

  • Build your website according to an agreed upon work plan.
  • Provide update services to keep your website fresh in order to continue to reach existing and new customers as your products or services change.
  • Provide support services to keep your website up and running by avoiding or quickly recovering from a service disruption.
  • Build and support a website built on the WordPress content management system (CMS) to enable a minimally trained individual to update many of the key content areas of your website as your needs change.
  • Build and support a static website for increased security where dynamic content is not a requirement.
  • Implement any one of a multitude of WordPress themes to give your website the look and function that you seek, and modify any of these to provide a look tailored to your business.
  • Work with a designer when needed to develop a truly unique look for your website.
  • If limited design choices are not a concern, help you get started with one of the online website builder tools.

Domain and Hosting Services

  • We manage your domain and hosting services through our service providers in order to give you a single point of contact when a problem with your website arises. A single point of contact avoids the finger-pointing that sometimes naturally occurs when responsibilities are divided, and frees you to manage your business.

Terms and Conditions

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