A website support plan is highly recommended for websites using WordPress or other Content Management Systems (CMS). You may be eligible for this service if your website is hosted through SB Web Spot. This service can be billed annually with your website hosting plan. If you prefer a monthly payment plan, you may set one up here. Click the Buy Now button below to establish your website support service agreement 3. You will be guided to log into or create your secure PayPal account.

Website Support Service Secured by PayPal

$12.00 Monthly

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Do I need a website support plan?

WordPress and other CMS’s permit website owners and developers to more easily modify or update certain content and other aspects of a website. This capability requires that they have a login userid to validate their access authority. This and other aspects of a CMS add a degree of vulnerability that requires that steps be taken to:

  • Improve website security
  • Ensure website software 1 is kept up-to-date
  • Perform routine backups in order to enable recovery from an attack by hackers and other forms of failure

What is included in this Service?

This website support service includes the following:

  • The application of software updates needed to keep your website current
  • The performance of routine backups needed to recover your website in the case of failure
  • The installation of security software as deemed necessary by SB Web Spot to improve the security of your website
  • The repair and recovery 2 of your website from attack and most other failures when they do occur


For websites developed and implemented by SB Web Spot, steps are taken to ensure the supportability of the softwares used. For these websites the Service includes free repair of a website that breaks down due to a failure of that software.

For websites not developed and implemented by SB Web Spot, but otherwise covered under this support plan, the Service provides free repair of a website that breaks down due to a failure of softwares otherwise supported by SB Web Spot. For softwares not otherwise supported by SB Web Spot, this repair service is available at a 25% discount off the regular hourly rate for web services, and is likely to include the replacement of the failing software with a similar software that SB Web Spot can support in the future.


You may cancel this service at any time without penalty following an initial commitment period of one year. If cancellation occurs within the first year and any or all of the benefits of this service have been rendered including: application of software updates; installation of software to improve website security; initiation of routine backups; website repair or replacement of unsupported softwares; etc., then you shall be invoiced for time and materials for any of these services that have been performed, and at the regular undiscounted rate.


Contact SB Web Spot for questions regarding this service.


1 Software includes the CMS, themes and plugins that make up your website.
2 In all cases the website will be recovered from the most recent backup successfully completed prior to the failure.
3 Subject to acceptance by SB Web Spot. You must be currently hosted with SB Web Spot to be considered for this service.